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squirrel-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-pest-control Squirrel control in Maidstone, Medway, Malling & Tonbridge areas

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Do you have squirrels in your loft, or causing a nuisance in your garden?

Then please get in touch. Squirrels can cause an incredible amount of damage to the structure of your building, as well as causing fires and flooding when the chew through cables and pipes.
Outside they damage trees by stripping bark, and raid bird’s nests, eating the eggs and young.

The grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), originates from North America.
This species was introduced to the UK in around 1876, and as it’s not native to the UK, it is illegal to release these animals back into the wild.
Grey squirrels nest in dreys in trees, and also in loft spaces. They have 3-4 litters per year, averaging 3 young per litter.
Female squirrels can be very defensive of the nest, and will also make a determined effort to return to it. This is worth bearing in mind when blocking access holes – the squirrel will often chew a hole next to the proofing to gain access, causing more damage.
We will set traps to humanely dispatch the squirrels, only then is it worth fitting proofing or repairing access holes.

How can I tell if I have squirrels in my house?

Squirrels are very active, and you will often hear them crashing and running around above your ceilings and soffits. You will often see them climbing up your walls or running along your roof, then disappearing into your loft.
Squirrel droppings are more ball shaped than those of rats, and you may also find evidence of gnawing and nesting materials in your loft.

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ME6, Snodland
ME14, ME15, Bearsted, Detling, Grove Green, Maidstone, Weavering, Otham.
ME16, Allington, Barming, Loose.
ME17, Boughton Monchelsea, Chart, Coxheath, Hollingbourne, Hucking, Harrietsham, Lenham, Linton
ME18, Mereworth, Teston
ME19, Birling, East Malling, Kings Hill, West Malling
ME20, Aylesford, Larkfield

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