Maidstone Mole Control

mole-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-pest-control Maidstone mole catcher

Moles are prevalent in Maidstone, especially in Bearsted, Hollingbourne, Loose, Leeds, Harrietsham and Detling areas.
Wrecking lawns literally overnight, these small creatures can make a real mess of your garden.

Although rarely seen themselves, moles (talpa europaea) are well known for the damage they cause to lawns, sports grounds and farmland.

Living underground in a network of tunnels, they create large mounds of earth during their excavation activities. These mole hills cause an unsightly mess, wrecking ornamental lawns and sports pitches. They also bring harmful bacteria such as listeria to the surface, contaminating fodder. Mowers and other machinery are easily damaged by the earth and stones in these mounds too.
Livestock and walkers are frequently injured when shallow runs collapse underfoot.

We are expert mole catchers, trained to Lantra standards and members of the British Mole Catchers Register. Our clients range from those with a single mole in a domestic lawn to local football and sports clubs. Most moles are caught within 48 hours, and as with any pest, it is better to call us as soon as you notice their presence.

Using various trapping methods, including hidden traps for public or vulnerable sites, we can quickly eradicate your mole problem.
Please don’t be tempted to try and trap the mole yourself, or use repellants, this will normally just spook the mole, making it much more wary of traps and possibly more expensive to catch.

Can I prevent Moles from digging in my garden?

There are many so called mole deterrents on the market, but we often find moles digging right next to them, so their effectiveness can be questioned! We have heard of people putting garlic and lavender in the runs, but they still have moles. So in short, if a mole has taken a liking to the conditions in your garden, trapping it will probably be the most effective way of removing the problem.

Call us on 07377 362038 or 01622 535424 for professional mole catching in the following areas:

ME1, Rochester
ME2, Cuxton, Halling, Strood, Wouldham, Burham, Eccles.
ME6, Snodland
ME14, ME15, Bearsted, Detling, Grove Green, Maidstone, Weavering, Otham.
ME16, Allington, Barming, Loose.
ME17, Boughton Monchelsea, Chart, Coxheath, Hollingbourne, Hucking, Harrietsham, Lenham, Linton
ME18, Mereworth, Teston
ME19, Birling, East Malling, Kings Hill, West Malling
ME20, Aylesford, Larkfield

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