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rat-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-pest-control Rats, mice, squirrels

mole-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-pest-control Moles

wasp-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-wasp-nest-removal-wasp-nest-treatment-maidstone Wasps, hornets, ants, flies

flea-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-pest-control-flea-treatments Fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches

moth-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-pest-control Moths, beetles

silverfish-control-maidstone-medway-malling-tonbridge-pest-control Silverfish, Harlequin ladybirds

We provide one-off call out services, and regular ongoing pest control contracts.
Being a professional pest control company, we practice an integrated pest management programme.
This means we will look at the big picture, advising on proofing, housekeeping and other practices to make your property as undesirable to pests as possible. This will save you money long term by reducing the risk of pest infestations, and is better for the environment and safer as we don’t just rely on the constant use of poisonous baits.

Rat Control in Maidstone

Rats spread many pathogens and diseases which are harmful, some potentially lethal to humans. One of the most well known of these is Leptospirosis, commonly known as Weil’s disease. The also transmit salmonella to us by contaminating food and food preparation surfaces.
This, as well as the dangers they pose by gnawing through electrical cables, and other damage they cause to property, is why rats are one of the most maligned pest species.
We provide fast, effective rat control in Maidstone, West Malling, Rochester, Lenham, Hollingbourne, Bearsted and surrounding areas. Find out more about Medway and Maidstone rat control…

Maidstone Mouse Control

Mice can also damage property, and start fires when chewing through cables. They also spread several diseases, and can access the tiniest of openings into your property. Being very fast breeders, it’s important to call us as soon as you suspect you have mice in your property, before they turn into a major infestation. Find out more about mouse and mice control in Maidstone areas…

Squirrel Control in Maidstone lofts and gardens

Squirrels, although looked upon by many as cute and cuddly, can rapidly cause huge amounts of damage to your property.
Chewing through facias and soffits to gain access to your loft or roof space for nesting, they chew through cables, water pipes, and even the timber trusses supporting your roof! Normally heard crashing around, they leave small, spherical droppings, as opposed to the long cylindrical droppings of rats.
Squirrels also cause extensive damage to trees, and raid nests of our songbirds, eating eggs and young birds. Grey squirrels are classed as a non-native, invasive species, so it is illegal to catch and re-release them elsewhere. Find out more about squirrel control in Maidstone, Hollingbourne, Harrietsham, Weavering, Ditton and surrounding areas…

The Maidstone Mole Catcher

Moles can literally destroy your prized lawn overnight! In their quest for worms and grubs, they will tunnel through your garden, pitch or field, pushing large mounds of earth and stones to the surface. The shallow runs can cause a danger to livestock and people when they suddenly collapse, and the mole hills look unsightly. We practice the art of traditional mole catching, using a selection of traps expertly positioned in their main runs for optimum results. Find out more about mole control and mole catching in Maidstone areas…

Hornet and wasp nest removal and treatment in Maidstone, Kent

Please don’t attempt to treat or remove a wasp nest or hornet nest yourself – call the professionals!
Wasps and hornets are hugely defensive of their nests, and will sting in massive numbers if they feel threatened. Tragically, a few people suffer fatal reactions to these stings, so please, please, don’t risk killing wasps or hornets yourself. We use professional grade treatments and applicators from a distance, wearing protective clothing. Our products provide a fast, effective destruction of the colony, and the nest won’t be re-used by other wasps or hornets.
Find out more about Maidstone wasp nest treatments and removals..

Maidstone Insect Control

Ant Control:
The common black ant is normally found in lawns, where it’s nesting can cause unsightly damage. They will also often venture into homes and kitchens in their hunt for food, and can spread bacteria and harmful pathogens to your food and worktops.

Pharaoh’s ants general inhabit buildings, often hospitals, and are regarded as a very difficult pest to control. Standard insecticidal powders and sprays must not be used on this species, as it can cause them to form satellite colonies and spread at an even faster rate.

Our range of professional ant treatments, correctly applied by us, are far more effective against these ant species than any DIY products available.

Bedbug Control:
Bedbugs are often brought into homes and hotels in luggage and second-hand furniture.
They will bite people at night, and hide away in cracks and crevices during the day, making them hard to find and treat.

These insects have built up a strong resistance to many insecticides, and new formulas are constantly being developed to eradicate them.
These professional treatments aren’t available to the public, and have to be applied in a certain way, so please call us to see how we can help eradicate your bedbug infestation.

Cockroach Control:
The two main species of cockroaches to be found in the UK are the German and the Oriental cockroaches.
Mainly nocturnal, the true extent of an infestation is often not realised until monitoring traps are installed.
Cockroaches feed on the tiniest amounts of food, fats, grease and detritus. If found in your restaurant, the negative publicity can ruin your business, so it’s important to call us as soon as you suspect their presence on your property.
Our range of treatments will control the cockroach infestation, and depending on the species, will require several follow-up visits to completely eradicate the colony.

Flea Treatments:
Fleas are often brought into our homes by our furry friends, which can be easily treated with of the shelf cat and dog flea treatments.
Unfortunately the rest of your property can be far more difficult to effectively treat.
Our professional flea treatment service involves treating the whole of your property with a residual spray, that will quickly kill the fleas, and also remain active for up to 6 weeks to kill any hatching eggs and larvae. Once dry, you and your pets can safely return to your home, normally 4-6 hours after the treatment.

Moth Treatments:
Carpet and clothes moths don’t actually cause much damage themselves, but their larvae will chew through and destroy wool and natural fibre based carpets, rugs, clothes and soft furnishings.
Often destroying carpets under furniture and other hard to reach places, you will normally see the damage before you spot the caterpillars.
Our moth control treatments will quickly destroy the larvae and adults on contact, and we can use pheromone traps and mating disruptors to control future infestations.

Fly Treatments:
Blowflies can appear in large numbers, especially where there is discarded food and rubbish nearby. We can treat landing areas with residual insecticide, fit fly screens to doors and windows, and install electronic fly killers (EFK’s).
Cluster flies often invade homes, normally the roof space, in late Autumn to overwinter.
Whilst relatively harmless, these flies come in the thousands!
We have various treatments available to control cluster fly swarms, so please call us to see how we can help.
Fruit flies and drain flies are usually signs of other housekeeping issues, we can advise on control measures that can be implemented to reduce these pests.

Harlequin Ladybird Treatment:
These non-native pests are posing a threat to our garden ladybirds, and can also give a painful bite!
Harlequin ladybirds will often hibernate in buildings, especially in roof spaces and lofts, in large numbers.
Our treatment is quick and effective, and will continue working for up to 6 weeks to kill any other ladybirds that might arrive shortly after the treatment is applied.

Silverfish Treatment:
Silverfish are often seen scurrying away when we put the lights on in the morning. Eating starch, daed skin and hair, they can thrive even in areas that appear clean.
The presence of silverfish is often an indicator of an underlying issue of dampness. We can apply a residual insecticide that will kill the silverfish on contact, but the damp issue must be addressed to help prevent future infestations.

Beetle Control:
We treat various stored product and pest beetles, and will try to identify the underlying issues which have lead to the infestation.
Many infestations stem from abandoned bird nests in lofts, for instance, and we will look to address the root cause, as well as treating the insects themselves.

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